Where To Buy Fake Pearls In 2019 | Paparazzi Accessories & Jewelry

Where Can I Buy Good Fake Pearl Jewelry?

Ever heard of Paparazzi Accessories? If not, allow me to introduce you to the latest fashion jewelry craze of 2019. Paparazzi sells a myriad of costume jewelry items including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The best part is most of their items is only $5. Yes, 5 dollars! Don’t let the price fool you. You can get some great pieces very affordably.

You can buy fake pearl jewelry designed and manufactured by Paparazzi only from trained and approved independent consultants. Click here to view a stunning array of fake pearls jewelry from Paparazzi, a company that is committed to making fabulous fashion affordable and accessible to every woman.

There are a variety of neck pieces, bracelets, earrings and more accessories made with fake pearls. You can browse through the Paparazzi jewelry and accessories catalog online and choose your favorite fake pearls jewelry at only $5 apiece.

Take your time, let your eyes soak in the staggering range of 5 dollar jewelry, search for “pearls” and add all the ones you like to your shopping cart, and when you have shopped to your heart’s content, check out. At $5 each, you can afford to “splurge.”

All you have to do next is to wait for the pieces to be shipped to your doorstep through the US Postal Services. Your job is only to shop and make the payment. All other aspects of the product delivery are handled by Paparazzi and its support service departments.

Moreover, shipping costs are as low as $5.95 and become even more affordable as you increase the value of your shopping cart. Click above to view the latest shipping costs based on the value of your order, and enjoy all discounts on offer. And what’s more, if your order value is over $100, then the company will not charge any shipping charges. Delivery charges are completely waived for orders over $100.

Have you thought about picking up 20 beautiful and stunning fake pearls jewelry sets and accessories for just $100 and getting your shipping costs completely waived? The astonishing range of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories will give you a wide variety of mix-and-match options to get that perfect style you want.

Pearls add a splendid aura to your personality, and if fake pearls jewelry comes at $5, then the happiness and joy of getting your perfect look is multiplied. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest collection of fake pearls jewelry from Paparazzi, the affordable fashionista company.

It would be good to reiterate here that only qualified and trained independent consultants like the one here are authorized to sell Paparazzi fake pearls jewelry.

Does Paparazzi Feature Fake Pearls Jewelry In Its Collection?

Of course, Paparazzi has an extensive collection of fake pearls jewelry for you to choose from. Pearls are a girl’s ultimate best friend. And why is that? Not only do pearls add oomph and oeuvre to your personality, but these beautiful gems have enigmatic stories that enhance their mystique and charm.

Who can forget the image of Cleopatra dissolving her pearl earring in a goblet of vinegar, and gulping down the liquid? This fantastic scene is believed to have compelled Marc Anthony to accept defeat of a bet between them that she will the most expensive dinner for him.

Pearls seem to have a long, long history. A small piece of pearl jewelry was found in a sarcophagus of a Persian Queen which is believed to date back to the 5th century BC. Even before this, it is believed that pearls were gifted to Chinese emperors as far back as 2300 B.C.E.

In fact, the power of pearls was so profound that Julius Caesar decreed that these stunningly beautiful gems can be worn only by the ruling class. Therefore, it is evident that fashion and jewelry seemed to have been restricted to the rich and powerful for a long time.

However, thanks to innovative creative artists and designers, jewelry made of fake pearls are becoming as popular and loved as their natural but rich cousins. In line with its motto to make fun and fabulous fashion affordable to one and all, Paparazzi also designs the most attractive pieces of $5 jewelry made of fake pearls.

So, click here to view the latest collection of fake pearls jewelry from Paparazzi. Pearls are very versatile and can be worn for different types of occasions and can combine with a wide range of attire. The luster, shape, and color of fake pearls make it a perfect gem for mix-and-match options.

What Kinds Of Fake Pearls Jewelry Are Available in the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog Online?

Fake pearls jewelry come in a variety of forms, shapes, and colors. Here are some fantastic examples of outstandingly designed fake pearls jewelry from Paparazzi.

Purple Party Pearls – This stunning set consists of a single line neck piece made of purple pearls arranged in increasing size. It fits right below the collar giving you the perfectly elegant seductive look. It is matched with single-pearl ear-drop, also in lustrous purple.

Follow My Lead – This silver-colored fake pearls single-line bracelet adds a touch of elegance to your wrists. Threaded on a stretchy band, this fake pearls bracelet has a silver charm encrusted with white rhinestones in the middle adding some glamour to its elegant profile.

Until the End of TIMELESS – This absolutely stunning bracelet made of classic pink fake pearls has three strands of gems connected together. The three strands of beautiful pink fake pearls render a sense of timelessness to this stunning piece of affordable art. An adjustable clasp closure ensures it can be used by people of different shapes and sizes.

Mind you, the descriptions made above only give a sneak-peak into a staggering range of fake pearls jewelry and accessories available at Paparazzi. It might be a good idea to warn you that by the time you look for these stunning bits of fake pearls jewelry, they might be sold out. The thing is that Paparazzi’s motto is innovation and fashion, and therefore, designs are not repeated. Once sold out, the same items are not made again. So, if you like something, quickly add it to your cart, and check out.

So, what’s stopping you? Click here to view one of the grandest collection of fake pearls jewelry and accessories, and feed your $5 habit because all these items are priced at only $5. The Zi Collection which is the premium Signature Series from Paparazzi is priced at just $25 per set. Enjoy!