Perfumed Liquid Deodorant | Avon

Avon Perfumed Liquid Deodorant


Get 2 fluid ounces of this fast-drying liquid deodorant. A great alternative to spray and roll-on deodorants.

Anti-stain formula won’t leave a mess on your clothes while providing long-lasting odor protection. Apply easily with your fingertips. Fragrance is a light, delicate floral scent.

Why Use A Liquid Deodorant:

First, a perfumed liquid deodorant is a great alternative to the stick, spray and roll on deodorants commonly found at the market. Secondly, it is great for those wanting to avoid the aluminum found in most antiperspirants. How about if you are allergic to the common ingredients found in many brand deodorants? Again, this is great way for you to avoid dealing with abrasive chemicals found in gels, solids and the like.

Unlike most roll-ons, which go on wet, requiring you to wait until they dry before putting on your shirt, our liquid deodorant is fast drying. It is also CLEAR. So you don’t have to worry about a white residue eventually staining the underarms of all your shirts and dresses.

While it only comes in one scent, it is a light fragrance that won’t clash with your perfumes and colognes. PLUS, it’s great for the environment because it is not an aerosol.

How Does It Work?

This aluminium and paraben free deodorant eliminates the bacteria that causes odor without using harsh ingredients. Active ingredient is ZINC PHENOLSULFONATE.


Regularly priced at $5.99 but often on sale for $2.99. Stock up!