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Paparazzi Rings Online

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Center Chic $5.00

Trending Treasure $5.00

Modern Moonwalk $5.00











Make Waves $5.00

Treasure Chest Charm $5.00

Victorian Valor $5.00











Pampered In Pearls $5.00

Crown Coronation $5.00

Not So Novice $5.00











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Where Can I Shop for Paparazzi Rings Online?

All the company’s products including Paparazzi rings can be viewed and purchased only through trained and approved independent consultants. Click here to view the entire range of jewelry and accessories including Paparazzi rings.

Visit the site mentioned here, search by category for Paparazzi rings, browse through the stunning range of products showcased there, and keep adding to your shopping cart. When you have shopped to your heart’s content (after all indulging in a $5 habit can hardly create a hole in your pocket), check out, and simply wait at home for the products to be delivered to your doorstep.

The Paparazzi company employs the US Postal Services for delivery of its products. The shipping costs are $5.95 or less depending on the value of your shopping. The more you purchase, the more you save on shipping costs. And when your total order crosses $100, then the shipping is done entirely free.Paparazzi rings online

By the way, $100 worth of shopping will get you 20 different Paparazzi rings or any other jewelry or accessory of your choice! Moreover, you could stand a chance to win free gifts too depending on the value of your total order.

So, what are you waiting for? Click above to shop for Paparazzi rings as much as your heart desires.

Paparazzi Rings & More:

Paparazzi rings form only a small portion of the brand. You can also view the following categories on the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog:

Necklaces – Ranging from the delicate to the wild, the stunning range of Paparazzi neck pieces will thrill you to bits. And to think that they come at a mere $5 apiece. It is so easy to go happily berserk in this kind of online 

shopping environment, and yet, feel light on the wallet. You can shop for lanyards, browse color-wise, designs for urban wear, and more.

Bracelets – Creating that perfect accessory for your wrists, Paparazzi bracelets come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. If you are looking for that ethnic look or that chic profile or something simple and elegant, you will find everything here.

Blockbusters – These are very popular Paparazzi products that are loved by customers all over the country. The jewelry and accessories listed in this category vanish faster than most others because of their huge popularity. Everyone seems to want a piece of this fabulous pie!

Zi Signature Series – This range of jewelry and accessories are bold statement pieces that come at $25 per set. The pieces on display under the Zi collection can turn your profile from the ordinary to the extraordinary in the twinkle of an eye.

It would be a shame to leave the website without at least viewing the options under the Zi Signature Series. The designs are a sight for sore eyes! And owning a couple of these items can take your wardrobe’s glamour quotient a few notches up!

Hair Accessories – Hair bands, hair clips, and other hair accessories can be browsed through in this category.

How & Where Are Paparazzi Rings Designed & Made?

The Paparazzi brand was started by two sisters Misty and Chani with a simple intention of trying to teach people how Paparazzi ringsto accessorize using easy and quick style techniques. Today, the brand is a roaring nation-wide success with thousands of jewelry and accessory items including Paparazzi rings showcased in the online brochures.

These online brochures are available for viewing on the website of approved and trained independent consultants like this one here. All Paparazzi jewelry and accessories including the rings are designed in the US and manufactured in China. Here are some of the unique features of Paparazzi rings:

  • All items are designed in the US and manufactured in China.
  • The manufacturing facilities follow stringent labor and quality norms as per US regulation.
  • All the articles are made with nickel-free and lead-free metals.
  • Half-yearly auditory checks of the manufacturing facilities are conducted by the founding owners of the company.
  • Paparazzi’s motto defines fabulous as fun and fashion at $5. All products cost only $5, except the Zi Signature series which come at $25 apiece.
  • Innovation and novelty are the trademark symbols of Paparazzi rings. Therefore, designs are rarely, if ever, repeated. This being the situation, when you find something you like, quickly make your purchase because you may not find the same piece later on.

Click up top to access the latest range of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories, and indulge in guilt-free retail therapy from the comforts of your own home.

General FAQ:

The ring has been a favorite piece of jewelry since time immemorial. Interestingly, of all the hundreds and thousands of civilizations and cultures discovered and unearthed, only three cultures did not seem to wear rings; the Assyrians, the Celts, and the Eskimos!

Rings have always had an aura of charm and magic around them. In early times, people believed that good and bad spirits Paparazzi ringscould reside in rings. In fact, one of the primary witchery charges levied on Joan of Arc (for which she was burned at stake) was that she owned multiple rings of black magic!

One of the reasons for rings to become popular is the convenience they offer in terms of wearing them. Stones and crystals that were believed to hold magical and protective powers were set in rings of gold, silver, and other metals, and worn on the fingers.

For example, people of royalty wore turquoise rings because it has the power to detect poison, and thus save themselves from being killed by treachery. Turquoise is believed to change color in the presence of poison!

Romans loved rings so much that they had set guidelines on how and where rings could be worn. For instance, bronze rings and signet rings could be worn on both the hands. However, stone-set rings could not be worn on the right hand because they looked effeminate. Funerals called for only iron signet rings. Gold was not allowed for funerals.

The rich history of rings right from our ancient ancestors continues to this modern day. It is no wonder that Paparazzi chooses to include these fascinating pieces of jewelry in their $5 jewelry line.