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Paparazzi Necklaces Online



Lady In Waiting $5.00

Take A Risk $5.00

Time To Be Timeless $5.00





Top Tier Fashion $5.00

Strike While Haute $5.00

Street Beat $5.00

I Am Queen $5.00

Sol Mates $5.00

Coral Reefs $5.00


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The Paparazzi company has become a national phenomenon today, thanks to the efforts of two sisters, Misty and Chani who decided to teach people how to accessorize by simple twists to their style factor. It was only a whim of those two love-to-dress-up women which has now taken the country by storm.

Paparazzi appoints and trains independent consultants like this one (click here to find out more about this particular consultant) to market their products. All Paparazzi products can be bought only through these independent consultants. Visit the website of the consultant, browse through the fantastic range of Paparazzi necklaces, pick out your favorites, and check out. Your chosen products will be delivered to your doorstep.

Now, remember the fashion take of Paparazzi is fun and fashion made affordable, and in line with this motto, all products including Paparazzi necklaces cost only $5. The Zi signature collection is the only set that comes at $25. Therefore, indulge in affordable retail therapy by shopping for Paparazzi necklaces online. Click here to view the updated brochure.

What Makes Paparazzi Necklaces Unique?

In addition to offering you fabulous fashion for $5, the following elements are worth noting with regard to Paparazzipaparazzi necklaces online necklaces:

  • They are made with nickel-free and lead-free metals and meet all the US regulatory standards.
  • The designs are all done in the US. Each item in the basket of Paparazzi necklaces is unique both in feel and style.
  • The designs are continuously changing, and new ones are added rapidly. Pick up what you like immediately. You will find the number of pieces available in stock mentioned against each item. Buy them before they go out of stock. You might not see another piece later on because novelty and innovation are the trademarks of Paparazzi.
  • Paparazzi necklaces along with other products are all manufactured in China. The facilities where these items are made follow strict labor and quality standards as per the US norms. Regular audits are conducted by the company representatives at least once every six months to ensure strict US regulatory standards are always met.
  • Paparazzi necklaces are available only through authorized independent consultants. Click here to view the online brochure for more information.

How Are Paparazzi Necklaces Shipped?

All Paparazzi orders are shipped through the US Postal Services. The shipping costs are highly reasonable. Starting at $5.95, the shipping costs only go down further with increasing shopping cart value. The more you shop at the website of the Paparazzi independent consultant, the less shipping you pay because there are predetermined threshold limits based on which delivery costs are determined.

And what’s more, if your total order value is more than $100, then the delivery is absolutely free. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to browse through the mind-boggling variety of Paparazzi necklaces and indulge in your $5 habit joyfully and completely guilt-free.

Why Are Paparazzi Necklaces Such A Rage?

Accessorizing is one of the most important elements of dressing up. Deciding which earring will go with which shirt or top, ensuring the items don’t clash color-wise, etc. are all critical aspects of creating that perfect look.

Paparazzi necklacesNecklaces adorn the neck, and have the power to alter your personality in a flash. Look at yourself before you wear your necklace. Perhaps, you are wearing a simple, plain top paired with a long flowing skirt. You look good, no doubt. You little earrings look petite and nice. Yet, you know something is missing.

So, you reach out for that beaded necklace you have kept aside for the final finishing touch to your profile. You wear it around your neck, and lo and behold, your profile undergoes a complete change that even you are startled by, despite trying on that neck piece many times before, and knowing how it looks on you. That is the power of a good piece of necklace.

And, if you are can find such great necklace items at a fraction of the usual cost, then you have definitely hit a jackpot. A stunningly wide variety of such pieces of Paparazzi necklaces are available at amazingly affordable prices; just $5. It would be naïve not to pick up a few of your favorite Paparazzi necklaces and ready yourself to create the perfect style for every one of your needs ranging from the demure, dignified lady to the wild adolescent look to the professional stylish look and more.

That is why Paparazzi necklaces are such a rage. Click here to view the most recent products including a wide range of blockbusters, and quickly grab what you like lest they go out of stock, and you are left high and dry.

General Info:

In the early days, necklaces symbolized power, wealth, prestige, elements of identity and position, and even levels of skills and resources. A simple neck piece made of bone, teeth or shells is one of the earliest forms of jewelry adopted by early world cultures.

Necklaces made with more precious materials have been unearthed too. For example, a Mediterranean red coral necklace belonging to the Neolithic Age has been unearthed from a burial site in the Alps.

The shape, size, and design of necklaces changed with each period and from region to region. Moreover, each period was influenced by its preceding period’s legacy regarding necklaces and their designs.

By the Middle Ages, necklaces replaced brooches as the main form of jewelry to be worn, especially in the late Gothic era and the early Renaissance times. Chunky gold chain necklaces and necklaces set with gemstones became a symbol of social status and wealth from the 14th century right up to the early 17th century.

Interestingly, the styles of necklaces were aligned with the necklines of the dresses and attires worn. That means to say, as the necklines of dresses were lowered, neck pieces become more elaborate, heavy, and chunky. However, necklaces were worn even with dresses with high necklines!

By the way, necklaces were not restricted to women. For instance, a carcanet is a broad, enameled or jeweled gold link necklace resembling a collar that was worn by men as a status symbol.

The charm of necklaces continues even today, and the Paparazzi designers leave no stone unturned to get you a wide range of designs at affordable rates.