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Who Is A Paparazzi Consultant?

Paparazzi jewelry consultants like this one here, are people who have been trained and approved by the Paparazzi company to sell and market their $5 jewelry and accessories online. The company believes in not only making women look great with their affordable fashion but also wants women to be empowered and financially independent.

In line with this approach to empowering women, Paparazzi has a unique policy which is their products can be purchased exclusively through online websites of Paparazzi jewelry consultants. Click here to view the Paparazzi jewelry online catalog.

What are the Advantages of Shopping Online At A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant Website?

Shopping through the website of a Paparazzi jewelry consultant has multiple benefits including:

Paparazzi ConsultantOutstanding convenience – You can shop anywhere anytime. Simply click here, and you will be able to access the online Paparazzi jewelry and accessories catalog. View from the staggering variety available on offer, and shop to your heart’s content.

Highly affordable jewelry and accessories – All the varieties on offer except the Zi collection cost only $5 apiece. The Zi collection which is a bold signature statement of the Paparazzi company is available at $25 per set. Everything else ranging from neck pieces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and more cost only $5, irrespective of which one you choose.

The highly affordable cost of these products is not to be mistaken for ‘cheapness.’ The cost does not in any way compromise on the quality and safety of the products. The price is kept deliberately low to make fashion accessible to everyone.

The products are all made and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of US regulation. The use of nickel-free and lead-free metals to make Paparazzi jewelry and accessories is the most evident aspect of adhering to US regulatory norms.

Paparazzi does not print paper catalogs – Only the website of qualified and trained Paparazzi jewelry consultants can access the online jewelry catalog. The company does not print paper copies of the catalog. And there is a valid reason for this.

Paparazzi is driven by innovation and novelty which ensures a staggering collection of jewelry and accessories are designed for you on a daily basis. When the stock of a particular item is cleared and sold off, that design is not repeated again. Instead, new designs are created, uploaded on the online catalog, and sent for manufacturing. Design changes and new varieties are created at a staggeringly rapid pace.

One can only imagine the stupendous variety of designs and options that are available to the shopper. It does not make any sense, therefore, to print paper copies and send them to clients. By the time the paper catalog reaches the clients, the items are invariably sold out, and new ones have taken their place.

In fact, there is a particular category on this Paparazzi jewelry consultant’s website called ‘Blockbusters.’ The most popular and loved pieces are available on display here. Quickly add them to your cart if you like something. The chances of getting the same item, later on, are quite low!

So, if you want to view the latest and the most updated Paparazzi jewelry catalog online, click here, and be ready to be awed!

How To Order From A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant Online?

Ordering from a Paparazzi jewelry consultant online is one of the easiest things to do. Click here to view the latest and most updated online Paparazzi jewelry and accessories catalog. Browse through the stunning varieties of neck pieces, bracelets, earring, hair accessories and other categories.

Pick up all you want. Shop to your heart’s content, After all, $5 apiece can hardly dent your wallet. Once you are satiated with the contents of your shopping cart, simply check out, and wait for the products to reach your destination.

All orders are shipped through the US Postal Services. The shipping cost is as low as $5.95, and it gets even lower depending on the value of your shopping cart. Click here to know the best shipping cost discounts you can get. And finally, if your order value is more than $100, you get the benefit of zero shipping cost!

What Is The Story Behind The Creation of the Paparazzi Company?

The origins of this now-phenomenal company can be found in the desire of two sisters, Misty and Chani, who wanted to share their accessorizing expertise with other women.

These two sisters identified and realized the huge pricing gap that exists for the average woman on the street to access beautiful, stunning jewelry. The cost of fashion was out of reach of these women.

Inspired by the needs of the not-so-rich women that the two sisters interacted with, they created the Paparazzi company that promises to make fun and fashion affordable. The Paparazzi stays committed to this primary principle on which the company was founded, and offers stunning jewelry and accessories at just $5 apiece!

What’s more? The company decided to use the services of their customers to spread the word about Paparazzi and the staggering variety of 5 dollar jewelry. Interested women were trained and taught about the beauty of accessorizing and marketing affordable fashion.

These women were then made Paparazzi jewelry consultants, like the one here. The company added that their products will be able solely through the online websites of approved independent consultants.

So, if you wish to view the inspiring range of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories, then click here, and go happily crazy filling your shopping cart to your heart’s content.

What Materials Are Used To Make Paparazzi Jewelry?

The materials used to manufacture Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are nickel-free and lead-free in line with US norms and regulations. The jewelry is designed in the US and manufactured in different facilities in China.

The manufacturing facilities in China follow the strict and stringent regulatory requirements of the US. The quality, the labor, and all other aspects of the manufacturing process are aligned with requisite US regulatory norms.

To ensure these strict regulations are uncompromisingly adhered to, the founder members of the Paparazzi company conduct audit checks twice every year. Click here to access the online website of a Paparazzi jewelry consultant.