Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog | How To Buy Paparazzi Jewelry Online | 2019

Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog Online

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Catwalk Craze $5.00

Make Waves $5.00

Unbreakable $5.00











Trending Treasure $5.00

Crushing Couture $5.00

Time To Be Timeless $5.00











Striking While Haute $5.00

Mojave Majesty $5.00

Wonderland Waltz $5.00



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Where Can I Find The Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog Online?

The Paparazzi Jewelry Catalogs are showcased exclusively on the websites of independent consultants of the company. You can view and order Paparazzi products only from these authorized and trained independent consultants. To order CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE.  Browse through the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog and feed your $5 habit.

The best reason to buy Paparazzi jewelry online is that you can VIEW THE ENTIRE CATALOG, not just the pieces a consultant brings to a party or shows on their website. You can browse through the various categories, choose your products and get them delivered to your doorstep. You can shop at your convenience, ANYTIME, 24/7. No need to host or attend a party!

What Can I Find In The Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog Online? Why Should I Shop Online?

What you see in the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog will excite you. The choice of jewelry is mind-boggling, to say the least. Paparazzi pieces are one-of-a-kind featuring original design, style and feel. You can find over 1000 pieces of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories costing a mere $5 including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair clips, hair bands and more. The Zi Signature Collection are the only sets that cost $25 apiece.

After all, Paparazzi’s business strategy is simple and easy to understand: Fabulous blends fun and fashion at just $5. These trendy, funky, and stunning Paparazzi jewelry and accessory items will not fail to add oomph and verve to your look leaving more heads turning than before. Some of the categories included in the catalog include:

Necklaces – At $5 each, Paparazzi necklaces have an heirloom-like quality that enhances the curvature of your neck giving it the perfectly alluring look.

Bracelets – Ranging from the bold to the simple yet elegantly artistic, Paparazzi bracelets will grace your wrist like nothing else will.

Earrings – Whether delicate drops or big bold pieces, every Paparazzi earring set is unique, stunning & designed to give you a different look.

Blockbusters – The most popular items are listed in the Paparazzi Blockbuster category. Typically, when you see an article you like in this place, grab it immediately because stocks rarely last for long & the same item is not made again.

Rings – Bold and vintage-inspired single-stone settings to intricately designed multi-stone settings, Paparazzi rings will never fail to amaze you.

Uniquely Urban – For that chic and hip urban look, Paparazzi has designed jewelry and accessory items under the Uniquely Urban category. Products available include funky wristbands, neck pieces and more.

Zi Collection – The Zi is a Signature collection of the Paparazzi brand that is sold at $25 per set.

Additionally, you can also browse the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog by color. So, if you have chosen your dress for the occasion, and need to find the right pieces of jewelry and accessories to go with it, then simply shop by color, and you will find it easy to shop for items matching with your attire.

How Are Paparazzi Products Shipped?

All Paparazzi products, irrespective of where the independent consultant is located, are shipped via the US Postal Services. The shipping charges are no more than $5.95, and if your order amount is above predetermined thresholds, then these costs are reduced even further. Moreover, if your total order is above $100, then the shipping is done absolutely free.

Where Are the Products Displayed in the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog Manufactured? 

All the company’s products are manufactured in China but designed in the United States. However, the entire process right from the design, the choice of materials used, the making process & everything else in-between meet the standards set by the US regulatory authorities.

For example, the metals used to make Paparazzi products are nickel-free and lead-free to meet exacting US standards and norms. Moreover, the founding owners of the company visit the workplace in China at least once every six months for quality and process control checks.

What Makes Paparazzi Products So Popular?

Who does not like trendy and fashionable jewelry and accessories to add a verve & haute couture to their style? Paparazzi Accessories promises this, and more so, at really affordable costs. And, that’s why they are so popular among women. By the way, men’s jewelry and accessories are also available.

The company was started by 2 sisters who loved to teach people how to accessorize and change their look with a simple twist in their style. The idea became so popular that Paparazzi is now a national phenomenon that has taken the country by storm.

A little droplet earring for that look of simple sophistication, a twisty urban-style bracelet for the important sales call with the ultra-modern CEO, a delicate necklace for that first date with the love of your life, a bold chunky beaded necklace for that wild discotheque party with friends – a simple change with affordable and fashionable jewelry is all that is needed to change your look to whatever you want.

More About The Paparazzi Jewelry Brand

A few years back, two sisters named Misty Kirby and Chani Reeve came up with the idea of sharing their awesome ability to accessorize with other women. They figured out how to show ladies how a small piece of jewelry on the wrist or an attention-grabbing neck piece can alter your style instantly.

Paparazzi jewelryMisty and Chani were an immediate hit. And why not? Everyone likes to feel confident, cool and gorgeous. And without breaking the bank. The ladies took their business idea further and started designing jewelry and accessories for just $5 & called their brand, Paparazzi. Today, Paparazzi is taking America by storm.

The Paparazzi brand of $5 jewelry is not to be mistaken as ‘cheap.’ These are fabulous high-fashion earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. They are each designed with care. The cost remains affordable because the founding members believe that fashion should be fun and not solely reserved for the rich and famous.

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and money should never get in the way of this ideal. That is why, Misty and Chani chose to design, manufacture and market $5 jewelry. Paparazzi not only beautifies the external style of women but also empowers them to be financially independent by offering them an opportunity to become independent consultants for the company as well.

Independent consultants are trained to market Paparazzi pieces. Taking this empowerment goal one step further, Paparazzi made a policy that allows only qualified and approved independent consultants to sell their $5 jewelry. You cannot buy these pieces from anywhere else. Click up top to view the fully updated online catalog of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories online.

So, pick up a $5 habit and splurge a bit!