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How To Order Paparazzi Earrings Online?

It is as simple as clicking here to view the Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog and choosing all your favorite Paparazzi earrings. Paparazzi earringsBrowse through a wide-ranging and breathtaking variety of $5 Paparazzi earrings. The items from the Zi collection, the brand’s signature series, comes at $25.

Once, you have shopped online to your heart’s content, and that too completely guilt-free (as a $5 habit is an easy one to maintain), then check out, and wait for the beautiful pieces to be delivered to your doorstep. See? Shopping for and ordering Paparazzi earrings online is easy, fun, and exciting.

Did you know Paparazzi also sold clip-on earrings? Not everyone has pierced ears or can wear pierced earrings. If this is you, they have you covered.

Alternately, you can attend any of the Paparazzi product parties, and browse through the products brought by the independent consultant, and make your purchases. The one big difference between shopping online and shopping at Paparazzi product parties is that through online shopping, you have an almost exhaustive list of items to choose from. Chances of missing out on options are far less.

It is important to remember that Paparazzi earrings and all other products can be bought only through approved independent consultants like this one here. If you want to become an independent consultant, then click here to get your sponsor. When you become an independent consultant, then you can host product parties and become part of the Paparazzi world.

Why Are Paparazzi Earrings So Popular?

earrings paparazziPaparazzi earrings can change your profile in many ways. Although ears appear to be a small part of the face, the shape, color, and beauty of a simple pair of earrings can turn heads. The ears are actually the most eye-catching aspect of the face. Here are little changes that a pair of well-designed Paparazzi earrings can bring to your face:

Radiant light – One of the primary ways that earrings positively impact your style is through the enhancement of your natural complexion. Choosing the right color of Paparazzi earrings that bring out and radiate your natural complexion will add zing to your overall look.

Physical design – The shape and size of each of our faces is unique. The right physical design of a pair of earrings can be aligned to match with the shape and size of your face and head. With the right pair of Paparazzi earrings, you can ensure all the elements of your face are visible while the earrings themselves don’t get lost.

Trendy options – The modern, new-age look includes different colored contact lenses to match the overall outfit and style. Therefore, the right pair of Paparazzi earrings can enhance and/or complement the overall desired effect and help you get the perfect style; whether it be a professional one or a woman of substance or a fun, happy girl or anything else you want.

Paparazzi earrings come in a stunning range of colors, shapes and sizes. All at the cost of $5. That is the reason for the rising popularity of Paparazzi earrings.

Click above to visit the website of the independent consultant to browse through the entire catalog, and pick out your favorites from the Paparazzi jewelry showcased there.

A word of caution here; if you like something that you see in the catalog currently, quickly pick it up. New and innovative designs drive Paparazzi business, and old ones (no matter how popular) are rarely repeated. So, if you missed buying it the first time, and its sold out, then chances of getting that same piece again are low. So, pick up whatever you like immediately. Don’t hesitate to feed your $5 habit!

Once you have made your purchases, check out and wait for the jewelry pieces to be delivered to you. Mix and match your outfits with Paparazzi earrings and go rock the world.

How Are Paparazzi Earrings Shipped? What Are The Shipping Costs?

All products including Paparazzi earrings are shipped by the US Postal Services. The shipping costs are as low as $5.95! paparazzi earrings silverAnd what’s more, click above to view the entire Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog, and if you find matching necklaces, bracelets, and other items that you love, go ahead, and buy them too. If your total order is over $100, then the shipping is absolutely free.

What are Paparazzi Earrings Made Of?

Paparazzi earrings are made with nickel-free and lead-free metal. All Paparazzi products and manufacturing processes meet the exacting standards set by the US regulatory authorities. The founding owners of the company audit the factory once every half year to ensure quality standards are strictly adhered to.

General Info:

Earrings have been worn by both men and women for millennia. A 5000-year-old corpse has been excavated in the Italian Alps which show that men wore earrings as far back as the Bronze Age. The famous mummy of Otzi, the Iceman, believed to date back to around 3300 BCE has a big borehole in both his ears.

Lord Buddha (circa 5 BCE) was born into a rich, warrior family. He wore heavy earrings on stretched earlobes as a status symbol before moving into the path of renunciation.

Our ancient ancestors believed that evil spirits entered our bodies through the various orifices. And wearing amulets was a way of protecting these orifices and keeping evil spirits at bay.

Early doctors also believed that earrings, both plain and laid with gemstones, had the power to cure headaches and also to improve eyesight.

However, there is no doubt that the primary reason to wear all kinds of jewelry including earrings was as a form of adornment. Even from the earlier days, earrings were designed so that they could be removed easily; an approach that made changing earrings at will easy.

Sadly, some earrings were also made as permanent fixtures, especially as a sign of slavery!

Earrings continue to hold their sway over the modern world, and the Paparazzi designers go all out to bring you some outstanding designs at highly affordable prices.