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Wire Warrior $5.00

Modern Moonwalk $5.00

A Fan Of The Tribe $5.00


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How To Order From Paparazzi Accessories Catalog Online?

Ordering Paparazzi jewelry and Paparazzi accessories is very easy to do. Just click the link above, browse through the online catalog which is arranged in multiple categories for ease of shopping, choose your products and order.

You will find products arranged under various categories including color, the most popular pieces (known as Blockbusters), the category of item, new collections and much more. Additionally, you will find categories specifically for young girls, for the urban look and other various categories.

After you have submitted your order, simply wait for the products to be delivered to your doorstep – neatly packed in compact and beautiful packages. It’s like gifting yourself a surprise. Don’t hesitate to lavish some attention on yourself. Best part – the pieces are very stylish & it’s not the expensive!

Also, keep in mind that designs are ever-changing as trends and innovation are primary drivers of Paparazzi Accessories. So, if you like a particular piece, pick it up immediately. It is quite possible that you will not find the same or even a similar item later on. Paparazzi pieces are one-of-a-kind featuring original design, style and feel.

A $5 habit is easy to maintain 🙂 So come, fall in love with Paparazzi and go wild with the stunning range of products you can get your hands on. It might be a good idea to shop online to ensure you have access to a wide range of products and services. For example, if a particular item is not available with a consultant, you can always check the online stock.

Moreover, buying online gives you access to the widest range of discount and sales offers so that you can choose the best value for your money.

How Is Paparazzi Jewelry / Paparazzi Accessories Shipped?

Once you have placed your order, Paparazzi products are shipped through the US Postal Service. Shipping charges vary from as low as $5.95 to being completely free of cost. If the value of your shopping basket crosses a certain threshold limit, shipping costs are reduced even further. And, when you shop for over $100, shipping is totally free!

How Much Does Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories Cost?

The Paparazzi mission is fun, fabulous, AFFORDABLE fashion for $5. So, what does affordable mean? Well, it truly means reasonably priced because each piece of Paparazzi jewelry or Paparazzi accessory costs a mere $5. Paparazzi has a winnable formula for fabulous; fun and fashion at $5.

The cost is affordable, no doubt but, the jewelry and accessories reek of trendiness, fashion and haute couture. You can participate in any of the Paparazzi parties hosted by independent consultants or shop online. Go crazy trying to choose from a stunning range of Paparazzi jewelry and Paparazzi accessories.

The pieces from the Zi Collection, in particular, are bold statement pieces priced at $25. You can rest assured that these pieces have multifold bling and more confidence-oozing power than the $5 pieces. In addition, Paparazzi jewelry and Paparazzi accessories can be bought only from authorized independent consultants.

What Are Paparazzi Jewelry / Paparazzi Accessories Product Parties?

The product parties from Paparazzi are simple and fun. Independent consultants host parties to which you and your friends are invited. Go there, and shop until there is nothing left to shop because at $5 per piece, what can stop you and your friends shopping to your heart’s content.

At these parties, you can pick up as many Paparazzi pieces as you want so that you are always ready for that perfect item needed to make you look like a diva, a woman of confidence, a mysterious lady, a fun girl, or anything else you want to be. If you get an invite for Paparazzi product parties, drop everything, and make sure you are there to grab some of the best offers you can get.

Also, if you want to host a Paparazzi product parties, simply get in touch with a local independent consultant and get ready to welcome hordes of your friends to a fantastic revelry of jewelry and accessories. The independent consultant will be there for you right until the end of the party helping you and your friends make choices, take orders, and other related activities.

What Is Paparazzi Jewelry & Paparazzi Accessories Made Of? Where Is It Made?

Paparazzi jewelry and Paparazzi accessories are made from lead-free and nickel-free metal. The production process and quality are designed to meet stringent standards set by the US regulatory authorities. Each unique piece of jewelry and accessory undergo strict quality tests and checks before being qualified for selling.

Although not advertised as hypoallergenic, Paparazzi Jewelry is BETTER than hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic jewelry can still contain nickel and lead, but Paparazzi Accessories are 100% nickel and lead free! Their jewelry and accessories are made out of a blend of metals, mostly aluminum and steel.

Paparazzi products are designed in the United States and made in China under strict supervision by the founders who make a trip once every 6 months to ensure US standards and regulatory requirements are met right through the process of designing, choice of raw materials and the production process.

About Paparazzi Jewelry & Paparazzi Accessories Paparazzi accessories

Empowering women is the primary goal behind the building of the brand called Paparazzi jewelry and Paparazzi accessories. Every woman in this world deserves her bling. The perfect piece of Paparazzi jewelry that you can choose from a mind-boggling range of products adds oomph and confidence to every woman’s profile.

Jewelry and accessories help us change our look, mood and first impression at a moment’s notice. Do you want to look like a diva or a demure lady? How about a woman of mystery or a smart, sharp sharp woman? One little piece of jewelry can help you step into one of these personas. Not only that, you will experience a surge of confidence when you look in the mirror and see yourself with the desired bling.

Self-confidence and bling are not the exclusive properties of the rich and famous alone. Every woman in the world deserves it. Trendy and yet luxuriously understated accessories at affordable cost help you get that new confidence-oozing look which, in turn, takes your self-esteem to new heights.

And, Paparazzi is committed to this cause of empowering women. The fun and joy are just by-products of the Paparazzi process. Each piece of Paparazzi jewelry and accessories is unique and designed with you in mind. It is made with the intention of making you feel good about yourself through simple and affordable looks.