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Where To Find The Best Cheap Costume Jewelry?

Have you ever heard of Paparazzi Accessories? If not, allow me to introduce you to one of the fastest growing, hottest trends in the world of costume jewelry. It is the most popular well-known ‘secret’ for finding the best affordable costume jewelry.

Paparazzi is not merely cheap costume jewelry. Cheap is actually a misnomer for Paparazzi jewelry and accessories because they are stylish, trendy, high-fashion jewelry but at extremely affordable prices. Don’t be fooled by the $5 price tag.

Yes, that’s right, most jewelry at Paparazzi is ONLY $5!

Zi Collection cheap costume jewelry

Paparazzi offers good quality costume jewelry at the best price.


There are gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings not to mention the bold statement pieces of the Zi Collection, which sells for just $25 per set. Their jewelry is also nickel-free & lead-free.

The Power of Jewelry

Who doesn’t like jewelry? Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, and all accessories have the incredible power to transform your profile in an instant.

Let us take an example of how wonderfully a little piece of jewelry can alter your look instantly. Suppose you need to go for a family wedding. Here’s what you would typically do:

  • You freshen up, wear your makeup, wear the clothes you have chosen and look at yourself in the mirror.
  • You’re looking nice, but you also know what’s missing. That single-line white pearl necklace coupled with the matching pearl earring drops.
  • You wear them and now when you see yourself, there’s a startling difference.
  • Your partner is watching you get dressed and there is an unmistakable sharp intake of breath at the fabulous change brought on by the two simple and elegant pieces of jewelry.

Paparazzi promises to give you a multitude of options for such splendid profiles at a mere $5 apiece. Again, cheap is not the word here. ‘Affordable fashion and fun’ is the motto of Paparazzi and the company does everything in its power to ensure you get the best quality of jewelry at this amazingly low price.

The Paparazzi Brand

Started towards the end of 2010, the Paparazzi brand is the dream project of two sisters Misty and Chani. When the sisters began their venture, their only aim was to help and teach people how to accessorize. These women understood and identifed the fantastic power of jewelry and the positive impact well-designed and well-matched jewelry and accessories can have on the self-confidence and self-esteem of a woman.

The venture began on a whim. However, today, it has taken the country by storm and is a national phenomenon. The jewelry designed by these lovely women are trendy, stylish, and yet never overwhelming or unduly loud or crass. They intended to make fashion, fun, and luxury accessible to the average woman on the street who worked hard to keep her family happy. Why should fashion and fun be available only to the rich and famous?

Misty and Chani made fashion, fun and fabulousness affordable but did not compromise on quality at all. With the help of their spouses, the two ladies found ways to deliver delightfully gorgeous jewelry and accessories right to the doorstep of their customers.

costume jewelry cheap

The Paparazzi Independent Consultant Way

Who better to market their beautiful products than admirable, beautiful women who used their jewelry and were very happy with the products? And so, they reached out to women who were impressed with what was shown to them. These women knew how happy their friends and relatives would be to buy such greatly designed jewelry at such amazingly affordable costs.

So, independent consultants like this one here were chosen, trained and approved to help Paparazzi market its products across the country. As a way to empower their independent consultants, the company took a principled stand that the only way anyone can buy their jewelry is through their trained and approved consultants. Click here to access an independent consultant of the Paparazzi brand, and view the online catalog with a mind-boggling range of jewelry pieces to choose from.

The Online Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog

Shopping for Paparazzi jewelry and accessories works like a breeze. Click here to view the online catalog which is arranged category-wise such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, hair accessories, blockbusters, the Zi collection and more.

Each of the stunning pieces of jewelry is designed with care in the US. They are all manufactured in China in different facilities all of which meet stringent US regulatory norms for quality and labor.

All Paparazzi products are made with nickel-free and lead-free metal; a strict regulatory norm in the US. To ensure quality is never compromised, these facilities are audited once every six months by the founding members of the company. The company takes its social and regulatory responsibilities very seriously.

At $5 apiece, you will never feel guilty to fill your shopping cart to your heart’s content. Don’t hesitate to pick out all the pieces you like because driven by the principle of innovation and novelty, designs are rarely repeated, and if a particular piece goes out of stock, you are unlikely to find the same item again. So, drag and drop all that you like into your cart. After all, a $5 habit is easily maintainable.

Once you have completed your shopping, check out after making your payment, and simply wait for the gorgeously stylish products to reach your desired destination. The more items you have, the more options you have to mix and match with your various attires and looks ranging from the svelte hot modern babe to the demure lady and everything else in between.

All products are shipped through the US Postal Services. The cost of shipping is only $5.95. Moreover, the more you shop, the less your shipping costs become. And if your total order is over $100, then the entire order is delivered at zero shipping costs. Yes, completely free shipping if your order is above $100!

If you want that extra oomph and oeuvre to your jewelry collection, then don’t forget to add a couple of pieces from the Zi Signature Series. This is the only collection that costs $25 per set. All other Paparazzi jewelry and accessory pieces cost only $5, and that is why it is called cheap. ‘Cheapness’ has nothing to do with quality and style of Paparazzi because both these elements are on par with ‘expensive’ brands.

So, don’t wait any more. Click above to view the entire catalog and go crazy satisfying your $5 habit.

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