Avon NutraEffects

Discover our exclusive ActiveSeed Complex and the hydrating power of chia seed to boost your skin’s natural beauty.

Avon NutraEffects comes in 4 formulas:
Hydration, Balance, Radiance & Ageless

They include day and night formulas as well as an Ageless eye cream.

They are:
Suitable for all skin types – Gluten Free
Hypoallergenic – Paraben and Dye-Free

avon nutraeffects hydration

The Hydration Formula is made with chia seeds provides 48-hour moisturizing power so skin appears softer & smoother.

avon nutraeffects balance

The Balance Formula is made with chia seed and mattifying powders. These help control oil while maintaining hydration levels so skin looks and feels balanced.

Learn more about Avon’s additional formulas: Radiance and Ageless