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where to buy Avon Espira

Wellness supplements are a huge boon in our modern stressed-filled world which seems to leave little to no time for health and happiness. To meet the rising demands for quality and convenient products, Avon, a leading pioneer in the health and beauty industry, has come out with Avon Espira, which include a range of wellness products categorized as Boost, Glow and Restore.

Where To Buy Avon Espira?

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Avon Espira Boost

The products under the Boost category help in revitalizing and boosting your natural energy. The Boost range of products are designed to burn more calories by stimulating metabolism, helps in blocking hunger by increasing the feeling of satiety, and improves energy levels and mental alertness.

Why Use Boost?

  • To boost your metabolism: Helps stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories.
  • Hunger block: Reduce your food cravings for hours and feel fuller, longer.
  • Natural Energy: Increase your energy and mental focus.

The entire Espira Boost system includes 5 products:

  1. Espira Metabolism Boost
  2. Espira Natural Energy
  3. Espira Hunger Block
  4. Espira Plant Power Protein
  5. Espira Ideal Cleanse

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Espira Boost

Espira Metabolism Boost

Leveraging the natural power of cocoa beans, green tea extracts and guarana, gluten-free Espira Metabolism Boost helps to improve your metabolism which, in turn, results in increased calorie usage. This product is made with plant-based ingredients that are naturally sourced and known to stimulate metabolism.

One of the dominant ingredients in this wellness supplement product, guarana, is the fruit of a Brazilian plant of the same name. The extract of this fruit is got by processing and powdering the seeds of the guarana fruit. Rich in antioxidants and caffeine, guarana has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years for its therapeutic effect. It is no wonder that Avon chose to include this wonder ingredient into Espira Metabolism Boost.

The recommended dosage for this product is 2 capsules daily taken in the morning.

Espira Metabolism Boost

Espira Natural Energy

Made with caffeine from the extracts of natural green tea leaves and coffee fruits, Espira Natural Energy helps to boost your physical and mental energy levels. The abundance of natural energy helps you thrive as the ingredients and components of this product rejuvenate and revitalize you from deep within.

The product is gluten-free makes so it is safe for gluten-intolerant people as well. The natural ingredients of the product are not contaminated by any artificial flavors and preservatives. During the manufacturing stage, the ingredients maintain uncompromising purity to ensure you get the purest and most natural products for use.

Delivering much, much more than the artificial and short-term sugar-rich cup of coffee or tea that you consume each morning to kick-start your day, Espira Natural Energy promises to keep you energized from within right through the day. The absence of side-effects of the caffeine and sugar from traditional tea and coffee are also entirely avoided.

Avon Espira Natural Energy

What Are The Ingredients?

Other ingredients in the product include theacrine (proven to enhance mental clarity and improve moods), rice flour, Hypromellose (best known to manage dryness in the eyes), Silica and vegetable magnesium stearate making it a vegetarian product. It is important to keep the product out of reach of children as it is recommended only for adults.

The recommended dosage is one capsule in the morning every day. A 100% natural product, Espira Natural Energy can easily replace your daily cup of morning tea or coffee!

Avon Espira Glow

Designed to render a great glow to your hair, skin and nails. The Glow range of Avon Espira promises protection against daily damage. The products are designed to protect and fight against excessive UV exposure, help in rebuilding hair, skin and nail cells and tissues as well as improves skin’s elasticity resulting in an overall youthful and beautiful appearance.

There are 2 products in this line: AM Protect & PM Restore.

The Protect product is a tablet designed with ingredients to protect skin from UV exposure while helping build healthy hair, skin and nails.

The Restore product is a powdered mixed with Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to stimulate your body’s natural mechanism for building new collagen for younger, firmer, healthier-looking skin.

Espira Glow Protect

Espira Glow Restore

Espira Restore PM

How Much Does It Cost?

Each product in the Glow system is $30, however if you buy them together as part of the Beauty Inside & Out package you get both for $54.

Avon Espira Restore

Developed to fill nutritional gaps in your diet, the Restore range of products also help in improving sleep and reducing stress. The products in the Restore range builds stamina, improves focus and relaxes your body and mind.

The Restore system is a complete nutritional foundation for your body—with ingredients sourced from whole, healthy foods—in 3 pills.

Choose which product is right for you:

Espira Women’s Daily Essentials Vitamin (for women under 40)
Espira Women’s Daily Essentials 40+
Espira Men’s Daily Essential
Espira Calm
Espira Restful Sleep

Avon Espira Restore Womens

Espira Calm

Maintaining a calm affect while remaining alert is something that all of us need for a productive and efficient day of work. Espira Calm combines the clinically-tested, patented and herbal-empowered Sensoril with green tea compounds and Vitamin B complex, all of which enhances the natural energy in your body and improves your mood too. Sensoril is an extract of an Ayurvedic healing herb known for helping the body cope with daily stress. Moreover, this product does not create any drowsiness.

Aligning with the core values of Avon to deliver only natural products uncontaminated by artificial chemicals of any kind, Espira Calm has no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. This product is also not recommended for children and is only for adult use. The recommended dose is 2 capsules every morning preferably along with your morning meal.

Espira Restful Sleep

Do pressures and anxieties from work and other aspects of your social and professional life leave you drained and exhausted that you find it difficult to have a good night’s sleep? If yes, then Espira Restful Sleep is the perfect product to help you overcome sleep challenges and get a restful sleep, one of the most crucial elements for a healthy and stress-free life.

Made with non-addictive ingredients including natural botanicals such as passion flower, chamomile and hops along with melatonin and magnesium, Espira Restful Sleep is an excellent natural sleep-inducing product. The botanicals and melatonin help to calm your anxious mind and magnesium helps in muscle relaxation.

This product is completely natural and contains no artificial preservatives or coloring agents. Extremely useful for those excessively full days with not a moment to breathe in-between, Espira Restful Sleep facilitates calming your body and mind at the end of a hectic day.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules about half an hour before retiring for the night. Espira Restful Sleep is not recommended for children and should not be used with alcohol or while driving.

How Much Does It Cost?

Both Restful Sleep and Calm cost $18.00 each.

Espira Restful Sleep

Espira is a customized range of wellness and health products made with natural, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients that promise to boost your health, provide an overall glow, restore and rejuvenate natural energy levels. The Espira range of products is completely free from artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

All these products are meant for adult use only and should be kept away from the reach of children. Moreover, if you are taking medications for any other health issues, you must necessarily speak to your physician before taking any supplements. Also, pregnant women and lactating mothers should also speak to their doctors before choosing to take any supplements.

Where Can I Buy Espira?

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