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Where To Buy Paparazzi $5 Jewelry Online

What Is $5 Jewelry?

A few years ago, two sisters, Misty Kirby and Chani Reeve, decided to share their amazing accessorizing skills with other women. These two ladies taught people how a little piece of jewelry on the wrist or an attention-grabbing neck piece can alter your style in an instant.

Misty and Chani were an instant hit, and why not? Who doesn’t like to look confident, cool and gorgeous, and all at a highly reasonable cost? The ladies took their business venture further and started designed $5 jewelry and accessories, and called their brand, Paparazzi. Today, Paparazzi is taking the country by storm.

The Paparazzi brand of 5 dollar jewelry is not to be mistaken as ‘cheap.’ They are fabulous high-fashion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and more, each of which is designed with care. The cost is kept at an affordable level because the founding members believe that fashion and fun ought not to be the reserved for the rich and famous alone.

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and confident and money should never get in the way of this dream. That is why Misty and Chani chose to design, manufacture, and market $5 jewelry. Paparazzi not only beautifies the external attractiveness of women but also empowers them to be financially independent by offering them an opportunity to become independent consultants for the company.

Independent consultants, like the one found here, are trained to market the 5 dollar jewelry pieces. Taking this empowerment thing one step further, Paparazzi made a policy that allows only qualified and approved independent consultant to sell their $5 jewelry. You cannot buy these pieces from anywhere else. Click up above to view the fully updated online catalog of $5 jewelry and accessories from Paparazzi.

How To Buy $5 Jewelry Online?

Purchasing 5 dollar jewelry is the easiest thing to do. Click above to view the latest and updated Paparazzi jewelry catalog online. Browse through the various sections including the following:

New releases – As the name suggests, the most recent releases will be available under this section.

Bracelets – From the hip to the antique-inspired ones, you will find a stunning variety of bracelets to match every look you have in mind.

Earrings and necklaces – From the simple one-pearl drop to large intricately-designed danglers, the wide range of Paparazzi earrings and neck pieces you can fill your shopping cart with will leave you satiated but without a hole in your pocket. After all, 5 dollar jewelry is an easy habit to have.

Blockbusters – This category showcases the most popular $5 jewelry pieces. Most of these pieces are highly in demand, and if you like something, quickly put it into your shopping cart. In line with the company’s innovative policy to release new designs every time, the old ones are rarely repeated.

So, finding the same piece of a 5 dollar jewelry or accessory after the stock is sold out is almost impossible. Don’t overthink about putting an extra bit of $5 jewelry into your cart. It’s much better than not having it later on.

5 dollar jewelry

Hair accessories – Hair bands, hair clips, and other hair accessories can be viewed under this section – all at $5!

Zi Collection – Well, this is the Signature Series of Paparazzi, and consists of bold and beautiful designs. Only the Zi Collection items cost $25 a set which typically includes a necklace and matching earrings

Go through the entire Paparazzi catalog online, keep selecting your pieces, and add them to your shopping cart. Every item on display has a detailed description that gives you all the necessary information about the product. A high definition picture is also available to provide you with an idea of how the 5 dollar jewelry or accessory looks.

After browsing through all the available options to your heart’s content and then check out. That’s it. Now, all you have to do is simply wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep through the United States Postal Services.

How Is 5 Dollar Jewelry Shipped?

So, you have gone through the online Paparazzi catalog and fed your $5 habit for the day. Did you know Paparazzi makes great gifts? So check out the catalog again and add a few more 5 dollar jewelry pieces to your gift list. All orders are shipped via the US Postal Services only.

The shipping costs start from $5.95 and then becomes lesser as the value of your shopping cart increases. At various threshold amounts, shipping charges are available at discounted rates. And, if your order value is more than $100 (that would mean 20 pieces of 5 dollar jewelry and accessories!), then your shipping is completely free.

Paparazzi certainly knows how to give their loyal customers a great deal. Click above for shipping discounts and other information.

Where Is $5 Jewelry Designed & Manufactured?

All the 5 dollar jewelry sets are designed in the US and manufactured in various facilities in China. Despite being made in China, Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are all mandated to meet stringent US regulatory norms both in terms of quality and labor employed at the Chinese facilities.

In line with the US norms, Paparazzi $5 jewelry are all made with metals that are lead-free and nickel-free. The founder members source raw materials for the jewelry, create stunning designs and get the manufacturing done in China.

Every process right from sourcing up to shipping are audited and checked regularly to ensure they meet US norms. In fact, the founder members and owners of Paparazzi visit the Chinese facilities once every six months to audit the manufacturing process, the quality of labor employed, and the quality of work performed.

The founder members take the quality of products and the safety of their clients very strictly and leave no stone unturned to ensure these two elements are never ever compromised.

The concept of 5 dollar jewelry does not in any way translate to compromise in quality and safety standards. The price only reflects the founders’ deep dedication and passion for taking fashion and fun to every woman by making it affordable.

So, don’t wait anymore. Click here and view the staggering range of $5 jewelry available!