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Welcome to the Avon Lady Online website. If you don’t have, or can’t find, a local Avon Representative to service you, remember you can always purchase Avon products via the web using the links above to view the Avon Brochure & Book.

How To Buy From Current Avon Brochure Online:

All you have to do is CLICK ABOVE and search for the products you are looking for or simply select a Category and view the products. You can also view the Avon book as you would a print catalog.

You can pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) as well as PayPal. As mentioned, shipping is free if you spend $40 or more. Otherwise, it’s just $6.95.

Buying Avon products online is the most convenient way of shopping the Avon brochure. Even a decade ago, shopping with Avon meant locating an Avon rep, waiting for her to bring an Avon book to your home, waiting for your order to arrive and then waiting for the rep deliver it. Everything has changed with the advent and rising popularity of online shopping.

Now, sitting in the comfort of your home, without worrying about the inclement weather or your appearance or the time of day or night, you can browse through online stores, make purchases, and get them delivered to your doorstep. However, there are some safety measures you must take when you shop online.

There are 26 Avon catalogs published each year. As you probably know, every 2 weeks a new Avon campaign begins. REMEMBER you can also shop from the last campaign so don’t forget to look at the previous brochure too!

Each new campaign features introductory prices on new products as well as sales, discounts and great bargains on makeup, skin care, bath & body, jewelry, fragrance, fashion and more. It doesn’t matter whether you want to look at a print copy of the Avon brochure or browse the Avon catalog online, you will get the same great service and sales as you would from your neighborhood Avon lady!

If you are looking for a particular Avon product or want to shop the Avon catalog online in general, you can view the ENTIRE AVON BROCHURE ONLINE via the eStore.

Search by Category, Brand or Product Name. The Avon catalog online is conveniently arranged by category via the menu on top. Just click the category and select from the drop down menu.

Order from the current Avon campaign. Sales & Specials, Collections, Gift & Value Sets & New Products are updated daily.

Safety Tips to Buy From Avon Brochure On The Internet

Use only trusted websites – Avoid using search engines to find trusted sites. Get the correct website address from your Avon eRepresentative and make your purchases from these Avon book sites only.

Make sure the Avon brochure website has the ubiquitous safety lockThe symbol of the lock before the website address represents an added level of encryption (SSL or secure sockets layer) enhancing the safety aspect of the site.

Don’t share irrelevant information – Avoid sharing personal information such as your date of birth or anything that appears needless in context. Why should a website ask for your date of birth to make purchases? Or why should they know your PIN?

Only websites run by crooks will misuse such personal data. When in doubt, don’t shop. All the websites of Avon Representatives are safe, secure and will never ask for irrelevant personal information from you.

Keep track of your bank statements – Don’t wait for your statement to be delivered to you to check for fraudulent transactions. Make sure you regularly track your financial statements so that you can catch and report fraudulent transactions quickly.

Protect your personal computer – Hacking personal data from your computer is a common way for online thieves to get information. Make sure you protect your personal computer from such online hacks by installing malware protection and antivirus from reputed and established companies.

Your passwords should be strong – The importance of strong passwords might seem like a cliché today. However, its power cannot be undermined. Creating unique and difficult-to-crack passwords is an essential element of online safety.

Use only genuine mobile apps – Mobile shopping is even more convenient than shopping from your PC. However, you might get fooled by apps that appear legitimate and get taken for a ride by fraudsters. Always ensure you download only those apps that are provided directly by the retailer.

Don’t use public computers or Wi-Fi – It is a very bad idea to do your online shopping from a public internet café. Entering your credit card details on a public-owned device only enhances financial risk for you. Don’t use public computers to browse the Avon brochure. The same holds for public Wi-Fi.

If you can take care of safety processes, shopping for Avon online can be a fun-filled, exciting and convenient way of buying your favorite Avon products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Started Avon?

Avon has found the fortitude to move with the times. While it belonged in the homes of homemakers way back in 1886 when the founder David H. McConnell used the networking skills of women to market his homemade perfumes, today the Avon shop is proliferating all across the globe leveraging the power of the internet.

Why Should I Shop The Online Avon Brochure?

The Avon shop & brochure online is one of the best places to shop for your beauty and home products for the following reasons:

  • It offers immense convenience allowing you to browse through the entire range of Avon products that are listed with all relevant details before choosing the product of your choice

  • Most Avon e-Stores offer free delivery of products to your doorstep when you shop for a minimum order amount – usually $40.

  • Many new products are offered in the form of pre-launch discount sales through the online Avon shops of Avon representatives. As a purchaser from Avon online, you will have access to these discount schemes as well. You will be able to buy a new product much before it hits the global market.

  • The products are all tried and tested under stringent lab conditions and have cleared all regulatory requirements.

When Can I Shop?

Since the internet is open 24/7, all day, every day – you can shop the Avon brochure any time, every day, all day as suits your schedule.

Where Do I Go To Buy Avon Products Online?

Option 1: Shop The Avon eStore – Go to https://www.youravon.com/cwoodfaulk Click “Shop Categories” from the upper left of the menu at the top of the page & select from any of the categories. Browse by “department,” (i.e. What’s New, Brands, Skin Care, Bath & Body, Jewelry, Fragrance, Makeup, Sales & more).

Option 2:  Shop The Avon Brochure & Order By Product Number
Go to www.avon.com/brochure Scroll through the current Avon brochure as you would a print catalog. Write down the Product numbers you’d like to order. When you are finished, click on the “Product #” link in the top right corner of the page. Simply enter your product numbers, click Add To Bag and Checkout. Your order will be delivered directly to your door!

How To Pay For Your Order

Currently Avon accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Gift cards that have a MasterCard or Visa logo are also accepted. You can store up to 10 different credit cards in your account.

What’s The Benefit of Shopping with an Online Avon Lady?

When you purchase a product from an Avon representative, you are directly participating in the growth and development of women. You are a part of a woman’s dream. You are buying into a 130-year-old business legacy that chose to empower women even before the US government even thought of giving voting rights to its women.

Are There Any Avon Brochure Coupons?

As an online customer when you sign up for the newsletter, it includes exclusive sales, offers and promotions – so you won’t miss any great buying opportunities. If you are  NEW CUSTOMER, you can use coupon code WELCOME10 to get 10% off your order. You also get free shipping when your order $40 or more. No coupon code required. Also check the OUTLET for up to 65% off regular prices.

Unlike the conventional brick-and-mortar variety, the Avon store online gives you amazing flexibility and convenience of shopping from the comforting confines of your home.

Without stepping outside, you will be able to browse through the catalog available on the Avon Store, look over all the details, and then make your purchase.

The convenience extends until the product(s) you have chosen gets delivered to your doorstep. In fact, the Avon store online offers free delivery if you shopped over a predetermined minimum amount, which is usually $40.

Additionally, most online Avon stores offer multiple discounts and freebies that are exclusively for online shoppers and not usually given to those who visit traditional stores or buy it through their local Avon representative.

At your own pace, you can browse all Avon product categories on offer through the Avon store online which include:
Avon makeup products
Avon fragrances and perfumes
Avon skin care products
Avon fashion accessories

Avon campaign 18, 2018

What Products Can You Buy From The Avon Brochure? 

You can shop for following Avon products from online Avon stores:

Avon Cosmetics – Scientists work around the clock at Avon’s R&D center to deliver extremely safe and highly effective color cosmetics for you. Pairing scientific innovation and beauty, Avon delivers cosmetic products that promise superior performance helping women look and feel more beautiful than they already are.

Skin Care Products – Avon’s skin care products come under the ANEW brand umbrella. Avon’s ANEW brand offers anti-aging products that leverage the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) technology. There are different product ranges under the ANEW brand targeting different age groups.

Fragrance – Avon’s most popular women’s fragrance brands include Haiku, Far Away and Rare. The most popular men’s fragrance brands include Wild Country, Mesmerize and Black Suede. Avon’s fragrance products also include body lotions and grooming products for both men and women.

Fashion and Home Products – Avon’s fashion products include apparel, jewelry, watches, footwear and other fashion accessories all of which add oomph and glamour to your personality. Under the Home products range, Avon offers a variety of ideas and tools to make each occasion in your life memorable whether in home redecoration or having a special family get-together.

Hair Care Products – The hair care products from Avon promise you a salon-like experience at home. Avon’s Advance Techniques brand markets a wide range of styling products, shampoos, and conditioners catering to women to different hair types and ethnicities as well as different age groups.

Avon’s Entire Catalog – As a matter of fact, Avon’s latest brochure is updated every 2 weeks online. You can purchase from the entire catalog of products anytime from the online store.

Who Can Shop The Avon Brochure?

Shoppers can buy products from Avon stores spread across the globe. Simply check the Avon Worldwide Markets page. However, the Avon e-store is available only to US residents. It displays all the Avon products you can purchase online which can be delivered to your doorstep. The various sales promotions and offers are clearly indicated. Do sign up for my newsletter, which includes latest news, offers and promotions so you won’t miss any great buying opportunities.

Why the Avon Brochure Online?

Avon Products, Inc. is the brainchild of David H. McConnell, the founder of the company. He was actually a book salesman who went door-to-door selling books to homemakers. He began to offer samples of perfume as an incentive for buying his books. Soon, he realized that the women were more interested in his perfume samples than his books.

It also struck David that these women are great networkers and could help build a beauty business through their networking skills. So, he started off in a small way and brewed his own perfume in his small New York office and employed the women to market it for him.

While his own business grew and expanded from only perfumes to other beauty products as well, the women whom David employed found far more benefits than they ever dreamed of.

Even before women got the right to vote in America, David had given them job opportunities as Sales Representatives making women financially independent, a scenario unheard of till then for women. He made each of the women feel like CEOs running their own business and without disrupting their family lives, an extremely important element for these mothers and wives.

To honor the legacy of David’s initial dream of creating beauty with a purpose, even today Avon products are sold via women Sales Representatives through their online Avon stores. Hence, the Avon store is an integral and indiscernible part of Avon Product, Inc. Today we call Avon Reps “Beauty Bosses.”

So, if you want to buy Avon products, you must either visit Avon stores online or go through a local representative. However, when you buy your products using the representatives’ Avon stores, you receive discounts and promotions galore. You can also view a print version of the Avon book as well.

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